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Lahmadjune also known as Lahmadjun, Lamaju, Lahmadjun, Lahmajoun, Lahmacun, Lahmajin, and Lahmajeen is an Armenian meat based pizza that is loved the world over. The dish is traditionally made with ground lamb, lemon, and spices but can also be made with beef. There are many variations on Lahmadjune but we believe that Sasoun bakery is the best in the business.

History of Lahmajoun

Lahmadjune is a staple in Armenia. The name Lahmadjune translates into ‘dough with meat’ and is a favorite of people of all ages throughout the Middle East.

The dish is made by thinly stretching dough so that it is round and then it is topped with meat, spices, herbs, tomatoes and vegetables, depending on each family’s recipe. The spices used in Lahmadjune usually consist of cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin and cinnamon. Once all of the toppings are added it is baked and served straight away, nevertheless still being tasteful while served cold.

Lovingly Handmade

Sasoun Bakery has been lovingly hand making Lahmadjune for over 27 years. Many years have been spent listening to our elders in order to produce the best Lahmadjune in California. While we have stayed true to our routes, over the years we have tweaked our Lahmadjune recipe to make it the best that it can be. Organic flour is used so that our dough tastel—no nasties here. Other ingredients used in our bakery products are ethically sourced and are always fresh.

Although all of our bakery products are handmade we are able to keep our prices affordable and we genuinely believe that we offer great value for money.

If you have not tasted this delicious Armenian recipe before, then you are in for a delight! Lahmadjune is a great treat during any time of the day.

A Family Run Business

You can find the best Lahmadjune in Los Angeles in on of our Californian bakeries—Glendale, Hollywood, Van Nuys, La Crescenta and Reseda. Head baker David has been in the bakery industry since his teenage years and has developed a family-run business from a small shopfront in the Armenian district to flagship stores throughout the city.

The Sasoun team is passionate about our Armenian heritage and we stay true to traditional recipes that our ancestors would be proud of. Sasoun Bakery is named after a province in Western Armenia—the place where David was born and lived before moving to Syria and afterwards the US. Building a community of customers who love our products and share our tasty treats with their friends and family is something that we are proud to have achieved.

Sasoun Bakery is synonymous with freshly baked Armenian food, having a vast array of loyal customers who cannot get enough of our Lahmadjune, borek and choregs. Sasoun is highly regarded both in Syria and now the US and we want you to be a part of our baking family.

Come and Visit

If you love Middle Eastern food and want to taste truly authentic dishes, our Lahmadjune, along with the rest of our menu will delight your senses. Other top sellers are our awesome cheese Borek and tahini bread. Our dishes are ideal for eating on the go, in the office, family picnics. Etc. If you are hosting a large party or family get together, you’re in luck! We are proud to say we cater all sorts of events. Our teams in Glendale, Hollywood, Van Nuys, La Crescenta and Reseda are waiting for you, so come say hello today and have a chat about our history and sample some of our tasty treats.